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murmur (9) - Just for fun - Add from 0 to n in parallel

I stuided the repa package today. I discover it supports parallel computation for both boxed type and unboxed type rather then only for unboxed type. It reminds me that I have to read the manual carefully.

Repa supports doing sum computation in parallel (see sumP in repa doc). I just write a parallel sum function for fun.

import Data.Array.Repa as Repa
import qualified Data.Vector.Unboxed as VU
import Control.Monad.Identity

sumR :: Int -> Double
sumR n = let
            xs = VU.enumFromN 0 n
            runIdentity (Repa.sumAllP (Repa.fromUnboxed (Z :. VU.length xs) xs))

main = putStrLn $ show . sumR $ 100000000

Tomorrow's goal: Accelerate package.