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How to trace code in Mac OSX



在 Mac OSX/ Linux 上 Trace code 的方法目前有想到這些,如果有其他方式歡迎補充。

  1. Install IDE and import the whole project (ex: XCode, Eclipse)
  2. Use ctags and cscope in text editor
  3. Use global, CodeViz, doxygen

ctags and cscope

Install ctags and cscope

  1. Install homebrew
  2. Install ctags and cscope
brew update
brew install ctags cscope

Using ctags and cscope with Vim


Using ctags and cscope with Sublime Text 3

  1. Install ctags and cscope first
  2. Please install ctags plugin (install guide)
  3. open your folder and rebuild all tags
  4. Start to trace code.


  1. install global first
brew install global
  1. enter the source code dictionary and type
htags -Ffnsa